Christmas Activities 圣诞活动

posted Dec 18, 2014, 8:20 AM by Newton KF
We will have a combined service this Sunday on Dec 21 at 11:30 am .  Our children will perform the Christmas Pageant.  Please bring your kids for a rehearsal this Friday.  We still need more actors and actresses to join.

On Christmas Day, Dec 25, Thursday, we will have another celebration.  We will start at  4 pm with making dumplings and a potluck.  Please bring your favorite dishes to share with each other.  We also need some sisters and brothers to bring dough and fillings.  Our Friday Bible studies will be cancelled on Dec 26.

12月21日上午 11时30分--儿童青少年圣诞剧
12月25日下午4时--圣诞节团契活动--爱宴。请有感动的弟兄姐妹各带一道您喜欢的菜来彼此分享,可以带饺馅和面团来包饺子。 6时我们开始一同唱圣诞诗歌, 祷告等。

Please bring your family members and friends to join us!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!