A Child's Book of Christmas: A Read-Aloud Book in English and Chinese for Children of All Ages 一本儿童圣诞书

posted Nov 19, 2015, 7:29 PM by Newton KF
Christmas is around the corner.  I would like to highly recommend an amazing Christmas book to you -

This is the story of the first Christmas, presented in two languages (English and Chinese) and with beautiful original artwork, to be read aloud, especially to young children, one chapter every night for the five days before Christmas day.

The book was written by George Waggoner, a pastor in West Newton, Massachusetts, and the translation into Chinese was done by Shuxia Zhao. The art was created by Karen Dietrich.

The primary intent of this book is to retell the story of Jesus' birth in a way that will be easily understood and enjoyed by young children. A secondary objective is to be an educational tool for the young who are becoming acquainted with these languages.

This book can be ordered at www.amazon.com and at www.barnesandnoble.com. Just enter "George Waggoner A Child's Book of Christmas" on your search engine and you should be directed to both sites. The cost is $9.25 (USD).

Attached is a promotional piece for the Christmas book.  Please forward it to your friends and family in the US, China, and anywhere else in the world and encourage them to buy the book for their own use or as gifts. Thank you so much!

Rev. George Waggoner and Shuxia Zhao will donate any royalties they receive from the sale of the book the the ministries of Lincoln Park Baptist Church.  




本书作者是马萨诸塞州西牛顿市的乔治 瓦格纳牧师,赵曙霞将此书翻译成中文,艺术创作是卡伦・迪特里希。


本书可以在Amazon  Barnes and Noble的两个网站上购买。 只要在上面两个网站上输入作者和书名George Waggoner A Child’s Book of Christmas”,你就能找到此书,价格为9.25美元。网址分别是www.amazon.com www.barnesandnoble.com

请看附件,并将此信息转发给亲朋好友,不论是在中国还是美国乃至世界,鼓励他们购买此书留作自己使用,或作为礼物送给朋友。乔治 瓦格纳牧师和赵曙霞将把此书的任何收入全部奉献给林肯公园教会的事工。感谢您的支持!愿神祝福您!